Mud Cavaliers

Jerzy Kornowicz – composer, piano
Krzysztof Knittel – composer, electronic media
Tadeusz Wielecki – composer, double-bass
Mieczysław Litwiński – composer, ethnic instruments and singing
Ryszard Latecki – composer, trumpet
Tadeusz Sudnik – composer, electronic media
Adam Kruk – visual projections
Andrzej Kijanowski – sound engineer

One of the most active Polish intuitive groups who create their compositions-spectacles through improvisation. The Mud Cavaliers’ performances combine an heritage of the free-jazz tradition with intuitive and creative activities sometimes performed in unusual settings, such as forests or meadows. The group unites specialists in shaping musical space: performers on electronic and acoustic instruments, experienced composers, improvisers, and other musicians. The coming-together of such a wide spectrum of players creates unique musical values. At NEXT, they will present an audiovisual spectacle in homage to the early-20th century Polish interdisciplinary genius Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz (philosopher, playwright, painter) with an improvised composition titled “Witkacy Archipelago” (Witkacy is a pseudonym of Witkiewicz).