Workshop – Pre-form.lab: New Instruments + Light Painting

Capacity: 15 / Register now:
Workshop leaders: Jakub Beňačka, Rebeka Jakubová

Pre-form.lab workshop stands for pre-performance-laboratory which is a blend of three individual performance tools in one room ready for anyone with curiosity.

We are going to start by in-depth walkthrough of Collidoscope granular synth including its disassembly and component structure. COLLIDOSCOPE is an interactive, collaborative sound installation and musical instrument (granular synthesizer) that allows participants to seamlessly record, manipulate, explore and perform real-world sounds. It is designed for both amateurs and professional musicians.

After getting in touch with advanced workflows and some theory we gonna add an OVERSIZED DRUM SEQUENCER to experiment with rhythms and stage size of a LIGHT PAINTING CANVAS to create real complexity of live performance experience.

As far as all instruments are intuitive and require more exploring than expertise, the workshop is suitable for pro music producers as well as curious noobs.

Jakub Beňačka and Rebeka Jakubová are a Slovak duo working with interactive multimedia installations as well as new conceptual musical instruments. Blend of previous experiences from film music composition, sound engineering, folklore, dance performance and production led into post digital approach in creation. Current works are focused on intuitive interactivity and action of audience. This concept allows them to switch roles of standard performance and watch the experimentation of audience as the performance from the perspective of creators.