Workshop – Within Earsight: Creating Immersive Sound-Light Works

Capacity: 10 / Register now:
Date: 28.-29. 11. 2019, THURSDAY and FRIDAY
Time: 15:00 – 18:00
Venue: YMCA Building, Karpatská 2, second floor

In “WITHIN EARSIGHT” workshop we take a hands on approach to exploring visual and auditory phenomena, audio-visual connections, and techniques for creating immersive sound-light works. Over the course of this two day workshop we will experiment with techniques and concepts relating to ganzfeld effect, sensory deprivation, sonic weapons, cymatics, sound drawing, and more.

Sound and light are invisible vibrations, yet together they work to define our reality and understanding of the physical world. Intrinsically connected, the symbiosis between these two mediums presents a powerful and fertile medium for artistic production.

DORON SADJA is an American artist, composer, and curator whose work explores modes of perception and the experience of sound, light, and space. Working primarily with multichannel spatialized sound – combining pristine electronics with lush romantic synthesizers, extreme frequencies, and sonic phenomena, Sadja creates hyper-emotive aural architecture. Although each of Sadja’s works are striking in their singular and focused approach, his output is diverse: spanning everything from 250 speaker Wave Field Synthesis works to kinetic sculptures capable of moving sound in 3 dimensions, string orchestra works, and large scale immersive sound and light environments inspired by auditory and visual phenomena.