Fero Király

Fero Kiraly is a Slovak musician and a teacher. He is interested in musical projects overlapping performance, sound art, installation, interpretations of contemporary music and musical reinterpretation of visual art. He is going to perform a live-coding TidalCycles set based on DIY samples and a Casio toy piano.

Kiraly created a series of workshops for children called Soundring in which he uses self-made music instrument ‘Zvukodrom’. He is the author of interactive book for music teachers PIANORA that consists of musical and sound games and experimental music. As a chamber player he is a member of various international ensembles such as Cluster Ensemble, VENI ensemble, Kiraly & Zabkova, Namestie Republiky, Dirt Ensemble, Urban Hudak and others. His ‘CLUSTER ENSEMBLE PLAYS PHILIP GLASS’ has been released by Orange Mountain Music.