Digital Music Business from A till Z

Free Entry / Language: English

The workshop is designed to provide insights on current situations and trends within the recording industry, particularly on the digital field of music. Such an understanding is valuable to realize recent changes in music consumption habits, to help distinguish business models, digital music services and new revenue sources and shares. Coverage includes certain work processes on the digital field of music, like catalogue management, digital distribution, content creation and activation, rights management and monetization, social media PR and marketing, audience, fanbase development and more.

Presenter: Andras Bodrogi
Andras Bodrogi worked on various fields of the music industry, gained an expertise in digital music and online communication, helping labels and artists in this challenging era of music content creation and performance. He is managing the YouTube support team of The State51 Conspiracy, a London based music company, helping independent labels and artists in rights management and monetization on YouTube. He is an external consultant and expert partner of Google Hungary, conduct trainings to YouTube partner companies, creative and media agencies, labels, artists to reach their goals with audiovisual content.

Organised by A4 in cooperation with SOZA and LALA Slovak Music Export.

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