Founded 20 years ago in Bratislava, the NEXT Festival of advanced music is an annual celebration of exploratory music and sound art: from electronic experimentation and free­form improvisation to audio­visual projects, it brings together artists who push the boundaries of music.

LONDON ° 12/10 ° Cafe OTO →
As a precursor to the 20th edition, the NEXT Festival is bringing to Cafe OTO a group of artists who have performed at previous editions.


Fero Király

Fero Kiraly is a Slovak musician and a teacher. He is interested in musical projects overlapping performance, sound art, installation, interpretations of contemporary music and musical reinterpretation of visual art. He is going to perform a live-coding TidalCycles set based on DIY samples and a Casio toy piano. Kiraly created a series of workshops for children called Soundring in which he uses self-made music instrument ‘Zvukodrom’. He is the author of interactive book for music teachers PIANORA that consists of musical and sound games and experimental music. As a chamber player he is a member of various international ensembles such as Cluster Ensemble, VENI ensemble, Kiraly & Zabkova, Namestie Republiky, Dirt Ensemble, Urban Hudak and others. His ‘CLUSTER ENSEMBLE PLAYS PHILIP GLASS’ has been released by Orange Mountain Music.
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Marcus Schmickler

Marcus Schmickler is an internationally acclaimed key-figure emerging from the Cologne experimental scene of the 1990s and is best known for his glitchy pop project Pluramon and his works on labels such as Editions Mego, a-musik and Presto!?. His work has been genre-defying and he has been one of the most versatile artists working in music today.

Having composed scores for award winning films and collaborated successfully in theatre and radio play, Schmickler has also written for and performed with internationally renowned orchestras, chamber-musicians and choirs. A collaboration with Ensemble Musikfabrik and a film initiated by Gerhard Richter was touring festivals such as the Holland Festival in 2018. In 2016 Schmickler became part of the highly-acclaimed Kompakt project »City Life« where he played live alongside Wolfgang Voigt and Gregor Schwellenbach performing an experimental musical dialogue with the Cologne Philharmonic Orchestra.

His pioneering avant-garde electronica pieces are often a result of non-music scientific research to create a highly dynamic and unique multichannel music. Despite its conceptual narratives this immersive no-bassdrum music never misses to baffle both the open-minded club-oriented audience as well as those informed by contemporary music and arts.

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Stine Janvin

Stavanger born, Berlin based vocalist Stine Janvin explores and challenges the possibilities of working with human voice in music composition and performance in a unique way. Her recent work is focussed on imitation and abstract storytelling through sound collages inspired by a variety of genres and traditions of electronic music, sound poetry, folk music and languages of various peoples, birds and animals. Fake Synthetic Music is an audiovisual vocal performance exploring spatial, psycho- and otoacoustics combined with optical illusions from lights, smoke and mirrors; an imitation and tribute to past and present creators of electronic music dealing with space, melodic and rhythmic sequences and deconstructed rave / high-frequency exhaustion for voice, echo and spatial distribution. As a result, the immersive performance with a touch of post-humanist aesthetics blurs the lines between organic and synthetic, real and illusory.

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Jano Doe

Jano Doe uses homebuilt modular synthesiser to create sounds exploring the limits of our auditory perception, incorporating extreme frequencies, volumes and sound event timescales, frequently crossing the barrier to physical sound perception. This sound is defined by inversions, creating the notion that the instrument is controlling the instrumentalist and where the formally sonorous becomes a representation of electrical, physical phenomena even before it is sound. Using intuitively conceived module arrangements, chaotic systems with fragile equilibria occur, always sweeping closer to the catastrophe point.

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Andrej Chudý

Bratislava-born, London-based music journalist, musician and selector is part of the MorHo! crew and will guide us through the night with his mixes.

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Cafe OTO provides a home for creative new music that exists outside of the mainstream with an evening programme of adventurous live music seven nights a week. The concert programme at Cafe OTO is managed by OTOProjects – a not-for-profit Community Interest Company (CIC).We are also open as a cafe during the day with Persian inspired cooking everyday from Zardosht (including an extended weekend menu) and the best cakes in Dalston – all baked in-house.

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